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27. Februar 2009

Gaula-Lachs gefällig? Zpey-hosted Trip 32. KW 2009

Wer Anfang August noch eine Woche Zeit über hat, für den hat Thomas von Zpey (Get well soon!) ein tolles Angebot am Traumfluss Gaula parat - 3 Plätze sind bei dieser Tour zu einem wirklich fairen Preis noch frei!



Kregnes, Gaula - Norway/ Hosted trip

This is your chance to fish in one of the most perfect fly fishing locales in the world, the Gaula river in picturesque central Norway. The Gaula has been consistently rated amongst the best rivers in Norway, producing healthy stock of sizeable salmon season after season. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to hone your fly fishing skills as you participate in workshops and have access to top level instructure as you fish your portion of the 1.8km beat.

Specifically, we have the pleasure of fishing week 32 at the ‘Kregnes’ beat, one of which we’ve had for many years, and every year we have managed to catch more than twenty salmon during one week of fishing. The beat is 1.8km long and divided into two zones of about 900 meters including both sides of the river. We divide each zone into two zones, and then we rotate during the day, so everyone gets the opportunity to fish new water four times a day. The beat consists of many wonderful pools that will give you the opportunity to combine high class salmon fishing and top-notch instruction, all while enjoying the beautiful surroundings on this stretch of Gaula.
The Zpey professional guide Thomas G. Thaarup, will provide necessary guidance and instruction, including strategy. He will teach you how to "read the river" and find the most likely places for salmon to take your fly. You will learn to cast the fly in different ways, learn the essentials of choosing the right flies, the right leaders and the right lines (floating or sinking) for different conditions, and learn when and how to wade and when to stay dry.

Each day will include an intensive workshop with specific goals, and througout the week there will be various casting clinics, some with emphasis on the Scandinavian spey cast. However, most of the learning will be done during active fishing when we encounter real-life situations and need practical solutions!

This special week is reserved for only eight lucky guests, food and lodging included. Everyone will stay at the cozy farm "Storhaugen". This is a farm close to the river and is extremely convenient. In addition to "Storhaugen" we have a fishing cabin at our disposal. This cabin is situated only ten meters from the river bank and includes four beds and a kitchen, so it is possible to take a break right next to the river without missing a ‘beat’.

The fishing starts on Sunday morning (week 31) and ends Saturday morning. Sunday 02.08.2009 - Saturday 08.08.2009.

The price for the week: 1140 euro.

For further information, or questions. Please send an e-mail to

thomas[ad]zpey.no or thomasthaarup[ad]mail.dk

Tight Lines!

Thomas G. Thaarup

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